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Pjc Law Group
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Exclusively Oregon DUII Defense and License Suspension litigation
Address800 W 8th St Medford, OR 97501-2906
Phone(800) 342-5384
Attorneys at Law


800 W. 8th Street, Medford, Oregon 97501

Peter Carini:

Graduate--National College for DUI Defense.

Graduate--National Highway Trafic Safety Administration's Police Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor Course.

Graduate--National Highway Traffic Administration's Police Standardized Field Sobriery Testing Practitioner course.

Graduate--Intoxilyzer 5000 breath alcohol tester Department of Transportation operator.

Graduate--Intoxilyzer 8000 breath testing device DOT trained operator.

Graduate--Drug Recognition Expert overview course.

Graduate--University of Indiana's Robert F. Borkenstien State Police expert witness course for breath and blood alcohol testing.

Oregon trial attorney since 1993, 1000+ DUI cases.

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for all of your help. I was charged with DUII in 2008. I was looking at a lifetime loss of my license. Peter took the time to weigh out all of my options. Peter represented me at trial and the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict. I would tell anyone that is charged with DUII to talk with Peter Carini. I really can't thanjk you and your staff enough for all you have done for me. This thank you was long over due. You saved my life. I thank you, my family thanks you." C.T. 2010 Oregon DUII
*"This is a thank you response letter for the help in my court cases. I know I couldn't have gotten this far without your help. I was such a nice thing you did for me, and I hope some day I can help someone the same way or another. If anything comes up with myself or a friend in the future I know who to call, Thank you again. If there is anyway I can repay you be sure to let me know." C.M. 2010 Medford Oregon DUII
* "I would just like to thank you and your staff for the work that you did on my case. Around every corner you were always available to answer my questions and you were always punctual with deadlines that had to be met in order to appeal this case. I never felt as though as I was a criminal in dealing with you and you all seemed to empathize with my situation. Thank you for your good work and making IT all go away." L.G.S. Medford Oregon DUI
* "Carini is great. Things worked out very well." Medford Oregon DUI
* "Dear Mr. Carini, I'm Writting to express my gratitude for your legal efforts on my behalf. Thank you for building the strong case that defeated my felony DUI charges. I am very fortunate to not have such a conviction on my record for the rest of my life. Again, thank you." K.M. Medford Oregon DUII
* "Only once in a lifetime will someone reach out and extend a professional service as was done by the PJC LAW GROUP. With care, understanding and brilliance that was extended and beyond to me in my legal case. Thanks again." T.R. Medford DUI Lawyer
* "This letter is my formal way of thanking you and also shows my appreciation or your exceptional, professional, and brilliant repudiation of the charges levied against me. I saw the prosecutor's face literally irked by your outstanding knowledge of the law. He was actually making the case unethically personal. Not only did I learn a lot from this case, I also think that I have met someone I can depend on and recommend to others without any reservation. Your knowledge of the applicable law and differences in testing manner in conjunction with the understanding of human error, was evident in the outcome of my NOT GUILTY verdict. The respect the Judge gave you in her on and off the record comments were most impressive. You were always encouraging and supportive throughout the duration of the case. The professional manner in which every detail was handled certainly justified the legal fees. If, God forbid, any of my friends or family arrive at a similar situation, I will be the first to direct them to your aid." H.L. Medford DUI Attorney
* "Peter Carini, the flat out best criminal defense lawyer in Southern Oregon. Peter worked with me on three cases back to back. I love the in-depth view he takes on every aspect of your case as he looks for evidence for your defense. He basically made it so one of my cases disappeared because of a minor mistake by an arresting officer. Without Peter Carini I would never knew of it. I would have pleaded guilty and almost did until I consulted with Peter Carini. Now I am a free man, with no probation, fines or jail time. I would recommend Peter Carini to anyone seeking criminal or DUII defense." Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
*" Even the innocent can be found Not Guilty. Peter was very easy to work with and I felt very comfortable through the whole ordeal. His common sense approach to the case, in and out of the court room, was very helpful and successful. I would recommend Peter to anyone that is need of a DUI/DWI attorney. I also cannot say enough good things about his staff either. It was never a problem getting a hold of someone and them getting the answers I needed. Thanks again." Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "Thank you for all the help in my case. You were a perfect attorney and couldn't have done your job any better. I am amazed by the work you have done. The results were truly incredible. I am going to pass your name on to anyone that I know who is in a driving situation, like I was. I can't thank you enough for what you did.... "M.C. Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "The PJC LAW GROUP from the day I first entered the office was outstanding. The staff is kind and courteous. Peter Carini captivated the entire courtroom at my trial and his style and professional demeanor far exceeded that of the prosecution. I will recomend Peter to every acquaintance that needs the best defense available." F.C. Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* Dear Peter and Crew, I want to thank you for all your help over the last several months. Your kindness and helpfulness was so appreciated. I can't image what I would have done without your help. Thank you. J.D. 2006 Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* Thank you so much for taking my case. Without your knowledge and understanding, I would not have been given a second chance to succeed in life. Thank you for all you have done, I will not let you down and I will be a better person with the help you have given me. J.M. 2006 Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "I am writing this letter to you and your wonderful office staff. I would just like to take a few minutes of your time to let you know how wonderful and awesome you are as an attorney and I couldn't ask for a better attorney to represent me in my case. You are the master when it comes to DUI Attorneys and I will recommend you to anyone that is in need of a DUI attorney. Let's not forget the office staff you have also, very friendly and always willing to help in any situation. Thank you for a very wonderful experience with my tough and difficult times I was going through with my DUI. You really took the stress off me. Once again I can't say enough about you and your staff. Thank You For Everything." E.K. 2006 DUI Medford Oregon Lawyer
* Sometime ago I found myself in a very compromised situation with the law, which caused me to feel extremely vulnerable. I contacted Attorney Peter Carini. His knowledge, dependability and integrity surpassed anything I could have imagined. He gave me quite the education about my situation, which in turn, put me completely at ease. I am so grateful that I found such competent legal representation. His firm really came through for me. S.W. 2007 Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much for the incredibly wonderful impact you have done for my life. Thank you again." E.F. Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "From the instant proceedings began, Peter Carini began laying the groundwork for what was to come during my DUI trial. I could not have been more proud throughout the day to have such an obviously competent attorney on my side. Believe me, I personally witnessed that this man knows all the angles when it comes to mounting an effective DUI defense. I could see it on the juror's faces as the trial wore on. Compared to the consequences of either pleading guilty, or being found guilty here in Oregon, the money I spent for his services was absolutely worth it. The jury deliberated a whopping 8 minutes before returning a NOT GUILTY verdict. I cannot thank Mr. Carini enough for giving me my life back." DJ Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
*" I don't know how to thank you for supporting me. After getting falsely accused of reckless driving I had no idea who to turn to, but like a gift from God you were there! You don't know how much of a blessing you are to me. Nowadays, people are getting falsely accused with stuff left to right, and they need a hero to take them out of it. That's what is so special about lawyers because it's what hey do; help people out of a tight situation. I'm happy to hear that there are still nice peole out there in the world. I am very thankful for your help and pray for God to watch over your family." D.B. Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
*" Thank you! I cannot express enough on paper or in speach the appreciation, respect and admiration I have for you...not to mention, affection. You saved my life! I do not say this frivolously, but literally. You befriended me. You called me "brother". I do not take these things lightly. You defended me, all the while saying "don't worry about money' even with objections from your loved ones. I owe you a great debt. Not anything can be meeted out in dollars. If there is anything that I can ever do - that I can assist you with - I beg that you do not hesitate to contact me. You also have a friend in me. Please, thank your loved ones from the depths of my being for their understanding and tolerance. I also owes those a great debt." M.Z. Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "What an awesome man. If you ever need an attorney, he is the one to get. Words cant describe how comfortable he makes you feel. He knows the law and fights for you until the end. He is worth every penny you invest in him. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney." Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "Made the DA look like an idiot. Peter was very knowledgeable and helpful in getting my DUII case dismissed. I would highly recommend him for legal counsel." Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
*" I received a DUI in August 2008 and contacted Mr. Carini to represent me. Mr. Carini did a great job for me and I still contact him for any future troubles or questions." Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "Peter Carini is the Chosen One!! My case was a little different. I did not know I was being charged with DUII until a week before I had to go to court. I called my friend that is in Law Enforcement. He said to call Peter. That is who he would call. I did and for the past 5 months and 2 trials Peter and his staff were there for me. Thanks Al of You! I consider Peter as a friend and everytime I see him I will make a point to say Hi. He is the attorney that everyone can trust!! He is my savior. To Me He is The Chosen One! Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "Mr. Carini helped me keep my license and explained things very well. He was a great help." Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "Peter, Thank you for showing me compassion when I needed it. This situation isn't fun, but you made it so much easier for me and took most of the burden. I'm glad to have met you, and know you will be and are blessed for your kindness to others. Thanks." J.B. 2009 Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "In this day and age with the laws and liabilities being what they are, most of us cringe at the mere mention of the words "Attorney" or "Legal Representation." Even though by definition an Attorney is a public servant. The general feeling after employing their services is almost one of being violated, so to speak. Recently I found myslelf in a situation in which I needed to seek 'legal representation.' After firing one attorney, someone suggested that I call Peter Carini for a consultation and for the next two years or so Peter told me 'Don't Worry' 'Live your Life' 'I'll take care of this' and all I could think was 'Yeah right.' Well I am here to tell you that Peter and his associates did just that. They took care of me then and since then have done a couple of other things for me. In every situtation from 'Criminal Defense' to 'Traffic Violations.' Peter and his associates have served me and served me well. So when I hear that old joke about all the lawyers at the bottom of the ocean I can say that there is truly at least one group that I would throw out a life preserver for.I will recommend Peter and his associates for anyone who ever finds themselves in need of 'Legal Representation.' A very sincere Thank You to Peter and his associates for everything that they have done for me." W.G. Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* To Peter J. Carini: On February 10th, 2008 I was pulled over in the city of Talent and cited for a DUII. I was taken to detox, where I refused to take a breath test. The officer then wrote me a ticket for a $1000 dollar fine and a year license suspension. That following Monday I began looking up a lawyers in the phone book that had the proper expertise to help me with my situation and there it was (1-866-PJC-DUII). I then phoned the office and spoke with a very nice woman who listened to my story, was very informative, and scheduled me an appointment to meet with Peter Carini. I did not know an individual had 10 days from the time of a DUI to fax a written request, to Salem, for a hearing with the DMV. Peter Carini's office did this for me immediately as a non-client request. I recently just recieved the response in the mail, I was expecting a time, date, and place of hearing but instead it was a notice letting me know my drivers license had been restored due to the police paperwork not being sent back wthin the proper time frame. I believe that if I had not called Peter Carini's office when I did this scenario would probably not be the same but thanks to him there has been a posititive outcome I never would have expected. I commend and thank the law office for taking the time and extra steps to help me, a non-client, out. Peter Carini and I met for our scheduled appointment, he answered all of my questions, filled out paperwork wih me, advised me on how to handle the hearings to come on my own, and most of all saved me a lot of time and money, which I am totally grateful for.... Peter's wife, Michele, was also very helpful she printed out a copy of the current charged filed by the D.A., mailed it to me with an attached note....I can't thank you enough Peter Carini and staff, you run an amazing law firm and I am thankful of all the numbers I could have called in the phone book that I chose this one. I have learned my lesson and hope to never have to call this number again, however, if anyone I know is in a situation like mine I will not hestitate and would be delighted to recommend this law firm for the best DUII legal advice one can recieve in the Rogue Valley. Thanks again for everything". H.G. Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "Peter Carini was amazing and is a lawyer I actually Trust! When I came into Mr. Carinis office I was very nervous and not sure what to expect. Right off the bat he made me feel like I was going to be okay. He answered every single one of my questions without hesitation. He gave me points of view about my case and how Oregon laws are that I didnt even know about. Peter was very knowledgeable and straight to the point. He never gave me the run around. He made me feel better about my DUII case and helped me realize that in the end Im going to be okay. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone I know or dont know for that matter. He is a great person that is hard to find now days especially when you hear the word attorney. I know that if you went to him you would be very happy with the outcome. Peter Carini is a wonderful person and attorney and Im so thankful that he has helped me." Medford Oreogn DUI Lawyer
* "I am incredibly grateful for the generosity shown by Atty Carini. Facing a court case, especially a criminal case is terrifying to say the least. To have to go uniformed, due to a financial hardship, or another reason, only adds to the frustration and anxiety of the situation. I would unequivocally refer this attorney to even the closest of my friends and family. I feel more confident, and better prepared to go in and more than adequately represent myself to the court." Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "He is very helpful and knows what to do in my case. I would highly recommend him for a go to person." Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "Mr. Carini gave me free advice regarding my current DUII and what to do in the future. He was honest about my options and recommended an option that provided him with no money. You wont get that from too many attorneys. He also filled out my paperwork and set me up with a court date. He reduced my stress level and my confusion of the court process. I will always refer anyone I know to Mr. Carini. Thanks." Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "Mr. Carini was very informational, honest and straight to the point. His free consultation was definitely worth it. Highly recommended." Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer

* "Mr. Carini was exceptionally knowledgeable, and changed my outlook on this case. I have a new found confidence going into the case against me. It was well worth the time talking to Mr. Carini." Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "Get the real advice you seek. Peter took the time out of his busy schedule to advise me on my legal issues, and spent a considerable amount of time on the phone clueing me into my options. Hes also quite well-connected and was able to provide a solid reference in my local area. Thanks Peter!" Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "Peter Carini is an absolutely fantastic lawyer. Very informative, answered all my questions. I now know exactly where I stand. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone, and will!" Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "Peter Carini is the best lawyer in Southern Oregon. So here I was about to go to trial and didnt really know what to do. Then I called Peter Carinis office to see what my options were. Peter Carini and staff were very welcoming. Peter Carini was very informative and gave me several options about how to go about my case. He told me the best way to go about it! So I hired him." Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "I love this guy! I have had the chance to meet with Pete in person as well as over the telephone and he and his staff have met me with prompt and to the point answers and results. I was treated with fairness and understanding especially in these financially difficult times. I greatly appreciate his services and highly recommend him if you seek counsel that fights for you and is attuned to your legal needs and helps in filtering out all the legal mumbo jumbo that us law-challenged individuals cannot fully understand. I cannot say enough that he and his staff are great in what they do." Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "Great lawyer, very informative. Was very knowledgeable in helping me with decisions concerning my case/ Good demeanor, self awareness and very professional." Medford Oregon DUI Attorney

* "In todays fast pace world it is refreshing to meet a person who cares about others and is willing to take his time to help others. I was pleasantly suprised and overwhelmed with this lawyer and sense to give back. Thank you!!!!" Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "Very knowledgable and very helpful. Took time out of his day to do what he could for me. Anyone that needs a respectable lawyer, Peter J. Carini is your guy." Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* This letter of appreciation has been too long in coming. I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your professionalism and kindness you exhibited towards my family member. When she was struggling through a difficult time you were the professional I knew to turn to. Although you and I have been on opposite sides of the arena, it has been an arena filled with nothing short of absolute respect, professionalism and admiration from my perspective. Mr. Carini, thank you for your time, your effort, and heartfelt kindness. M.B. Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* Peter, thank you so much. Just a little note to say thanks again. You did a good job and I'll refer you to all my friends. D.G. Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "PJC LAW GROUP. I wanted to express my gratitude and thank all of you for your help and generosity this year." M.C. Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* The loss of my job and my legal difficulties devastated me. People like you helps make the world a brighter place. Please accept a small token of my appreciation. I hope you will all enjoy them. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know. I'm willing to volunteer my time." J.L. Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
(4) "Thank you so much for your expertise, professionalism and integrity which you demonstrated handling my case. I recommend anyone with legal problems to get in touch with your firm." M.S. 2006 Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "To: All the folk at PJC. Well now I travel to Oregon every few months to see my grandfather. This year I got pulled over for speeding 45 in a 35, the officer felt I should do some tests and then decided to arrest me for DUII. Well if you are 400 miles from home and out of state you don't have many choices and you don't know to many people. I got on the internet and found the PJC Law Group and gave them a call. They let me know my options and were helpful in explaining the things I don't know about the laws in Oregon state. Once I hired them they helped calm my nerves and set things straight that I did not understand and when I was impatient they were polite and understanding of my situtation. During the hearings and phone calls they were great in all aspects of the job and when they were done I understood all that was going on. They were also sure to see if I understood all that was said. Thank you to all of you who made a very stressful time a lot better and for doing the great work you do. This has been a life changing experience and don't take this wrong..I hope I never have to call again but if it were necessary I would call you first. Thanks again." T.H. Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
* "I just want to thank you for what you did for me.... I appreciate the way you explained everything to me and the way you got my case resolved.***You have totally earned my respect as a person and a professional and I'm glad to know you. It's people like you that we lack in the world. If there were more like you this place would be a much better place. In closing, I again want to say thank you with all my heart. You are a great person Peter, thank you." D.G. Medford Oregon DUI Attorney
* "PJC Law Group:To me, everyone in Oregon, and to the world; the best Attorney Peter Carini I've ever known. To his staff, the greatest team ever.***My true thanks for your hard work, persistence and in staying with me in these unknown times. Thank you PJC Law Group for your professionalism. You've given part of my life back.***Peter Carini and team I love you all! Thank You." E.C. Medford Oregon DUI Lawyer
Coos County, Oregon 97420 Coos Bay, OR; 97423 Coquille, OR; 97414 Broadbent, OR; 97407 Allegany, OR; 97411 Bandon, OR; 97459 North Bend, OR; 97466 Powers, OR; 97449 Lakeside, OR; 97458 Myrtle Point, OR; Curry County, Oregon 97415 Brookings, OR; 97406 Agness, OR; 97444 Gold Beach, OR; 97491 Wedderburn, OR; 97450 Langlois, OR; 97464 Ophir, OR; 97476 Sixes, OR; 97465 Port Orford, OR; Douglas County, Oregon 97462 Oakland, OR; 97467 Reedsport, OR; 97499 Yoncalla, OR; 97495 Winchester, OR; 97496 Winston, OR; 97479 Sutherlin, OR; 97481 Tenmile, OR; 97473 Scottsburg, OR; 97469 Riddle, OR; 97470 Roseburg, OR; 97443 Glide, OR; 97442 Glendale, OR; 97432 Dillard, OR; 97447 Idleyld Park, OR; 97435 Drain, OR; 97436 Elkton, OR; 97441 Gardiner, OR; 97484 Tiller, OR; 97457 Myrtle Creek, OR; 97486 Umpqua, OR; 97416 Camas Valley, OR; 97410 Azalea, OR; 97494 Wilbur, OR; 97417 Canyonville, OR; 97428 Curtin, OR; 97429 Days Creek, OR; Jackson County, Oregon 97522 Butte Falls, OR; 97520 Ashland, OR; 97525 Gold Hill, OR; 97524 Eagle Point, OR; 97502 Central Point, OR; 97501 Medford, OR; 97504 Medford, OR; 97503 White City, OR; 97537 Rogue River, OR; 97536 Prospect, OR; 97535 Phoenix, OR; 97541 Trail, OR; 97540 Talent, OR; 97539 Shady Cove, OR; 97530 Jacksonville, OR; Josephine County, Orgeon 97528 Grants Pass, OR; 97527 Grants Pass, OR; 97544 Williams, OR; 97531 Kerby, OR; 97532 Merlin, OR; 97497 Wolf Creek, OR; 97526 Grants Pass, OR; 97538 Selma, OR; 97523 Cave Junction, OR; 97533 Murphy, OR; 97543 Wilderville, OR; 97534 O Brien, OR; Klamath County, Oregon 97737 Gilchrist, OR; 97425 Crescent Lake, OR; 97623 Bonanza, OR; 97731 Chemult, OR; 97733 Crescent, OR; 97621 Beatty, OR; 97639 Sprague River, OR; 97634 Midland, OR; 97622 Bly, OR; 97633 Merrill, OR; 97602 Klamath Falls, OR; 97627 Keno, OR; 97601 Klamath Falls, OR; 97625 Dairy, OR; 97604 Crater Lake, OR; 97626 Fort Klamath, OR; 97603 Klamath Falls, OR; 97632 Malin, OR; 97624 Chiloquin, OR;
Medford, Oregon; Ashalnd Oregon; Central Point Oregon; Jackson County Oregon, Grants Pass Oregon, Josephine County Oregon, Klamath Falls Oregon, Klamath County Oregon, Roseburg Oregon, Douglas County Oregon.


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